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Charlene G.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I passed my exam.  I wanted to thank you for all your effort.  I recalled far more information from your class than I did from my reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed your classes even though they were at the end of a long day for me.
I think that your class was exteremely informative and well taught.  You were very dedicated to the class and to our success.
February 26, 2013


Debbie S.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Jayne is a knowledgeable, experienced instructor with an extensive background in many facets of real estate. She is committed to teaching and encourages a dynamic learning environment when preparing students for their careers in the field. She continues to be a wealth of information and remains accessible to students beyond the classroom setting.” December 5, 2011

Jeffrey S

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“After living in the Town of Marshfield for a little over 22 years, I became more interested in pursuing a career in real estate after hearing exceptional reviews about Century 21 Abigail Adams Real Estate School. Jayne Magown, instructor and Owner and  of Century 21 Abigail Adams offers her students that partake in her Real Estate licensing course a sense of guidance as well as profound knowledge of the ins and outs of Real Estate as a whole. Since meeting Jayne for the first time when I signed up for my licensing course, she has shown nothing but kindness as well as a sense of direction, showing all of her students that Real Estate is a great field to invest your time and knowledge into. I would highly recommend Century 21 Abigail Adams Real Estate School, as well as any insight into the Real Estate profession Jayne could offer because of her ambition as well as the valuable insight that others take away after meeting her. I would more than highly suggest Jayne and her licensing school because she is a Dynamo at what she does. Anyone that works with her, whether it be in the Real Estate profession or through her licensing school will never regret it and will be able to take that knowledge that they obtained and apply it to any Real Estate profession.” November 6, 2011





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